Planned Preventive Maintenance Program (PPM)

We believe in solving the problem before its happens therefore, we, at SameDay Appliance Repair offer Planned Preventive Maintenance Program to your brand new or in use equipment’s, increasing the reliability of your equipment and extending its usable life. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and yearly preventive maintenance program. Our program will ensure cost saving, reducing downtime, and tailored programs that meets your unique requirements.

How it Works

We have outlined set of procedures we follow to understand your demands and tailor a program accordingly. We inspect and tag your equipment. We have designed specific checklist outlining all of the service procedures and safety checks we will perform for routine and periodic maintenance for all equipment. We follow strict guidelines as instructed by specific equipment manufacturer, ensuring we get only the best to you.

Benefits of working with us for your ppm

<> Lower maintenance cost
<> Reduced down time
<> Energy Efficient Equipment operations
<> Regular safety inspections
<> Reduced Trip charge by 50% on repair calls (if appicable)
<> Reduce hourly charge by 30% on repair calls for 1st hour


1. 30% off on Labor applies where trip charge is not applicable.

Piece of Mind

With our preventative maintenance programs inplaced, you will have the piece of mind knowing all of your covered equipment is energy efficient and functioning on its optimum level. Additionally, even there is minor problems do come up, prior to our visit, such as thermostat adjustment, replacing knobs, we will correct the issues on our preventive maintenance visit, with no additional Labor charges, no additional service call fee, no extra money, saving you hundreds of dollars. All you need to do is make a note of additional services you need and pass it on to us before we come on planned visit.

What to expect on our visits

On our scheduled visits we will inspect each piece of equipment for:

<> general operation and condition,
<> adjust thermostats as needed,
<> oil motors,
<> grease valves as needed,
<> check belts,
<> door gaskets,
<> gas pressures,
<> timers,
<> burn patterns,
<> see if you have soot build-up (gas/air mixture), and
<> Inspect ceramic burners for cracks
<> Etc, etc, etc

We will inspect your equipment thoroughly and a log each and every findings. And of course we will give you a complete list of things, if any that is necessary to ensure that proper continues operations.

Save on Repair Cost and reduce downtime

Preventative maintenance saves money, reducers down time, and leads to solve an issue before it happens. Your scheduled preventative maintenance is a great investment, and it extends the life of your equipment saving you money on repair cost and unhappy customers.

Contact our team today. We can be reached via

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Email: ppm@commercialappliance.net

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